Gintama at J-World Tokyo 2013

Posted 2013-11-10
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Gintama in J-World Tokyo! To commemorate the Blu-ray/DVD release of "The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya", a Gintama event at J-World Tokyo will be held from November 29th to February 2nd!

Following up on the first event which featured Dragon Ball, this second event puts a spotlight on Gintama. It'll feature original desserts/foods with character motifs, mini attractions like the Justaway Lottery, and even a special exhibit, allowing you to dive into the Gintama world. Justaway-shaped fortune slips are also available as a premium so you can get your fortune told.

Gintama Exhibit

​At the Heroes Arena "J-Base", see the best scenes replicated here, and witness treasured goods that you can't see anywhere else. This event runs from November 29th until January 13th.

Mini Attractions

"The Gintama Movie Theft Incident -- Chase the Criminal! The Yorozuya Rally!"
Gather stamps around the park, challenge the mini games, and arrest the culprit!

The Gintama Movie BD/DVD release is finally among us!
However, before they were produced, the original recording for the BD/DVD was stolen by someone!!
Everyone, gather intel from the Kabukicho's residents, and identify the culprit!
If you can crack the case and identify the culprit, you'll be awarded exclusive and original goods.

  • Weekdays: 12:00~19:00 (reception closes at 18:30)
  • December 24 to January 3 (including holidays): 10:00~19:00 (reception closes at 18:30)
  • 1 admission for 300円
  • There are 20 different rewards in total! Win 2 tin badges (44mm) with designs of your choice.

Dessert & Food

Some original food will be sold! Customers trying out desserts like the "Elizabeth Pudding" will receive an original sticker (20 different kinds) too!

Elizabeth Pudding
~Movie Commemoration ver.~


Original Cup Drink

(originally sold during the premiere)

Order from the menu and get a sticker!
(There's 20 different kinds in total)

Gin-san's Creation: "Fried Justaway Bombs"


Kagura's Ochazuke


Takasugi's Purple Sweet Potato Tart


One Order of Uji Gintoki-don!


Factory Manager's Recommendation!
Justaway Jelly & Pudding


"To Yorozuya" Sadaharu Cookie


Shopper Premium

Finally, the J-World Store will be selling some exclusive merchandise!
For the duration of the event, shoppers can receive exclusive premiums for buying 3,000円 worth of Gintama goods!

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