Gintama at Animate Girls Festival 2013

Posted 2013-11-09
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Animate Girls Festival 2013
Nov. 2, 2013 - Nov. 3, 2013
Ikebukuro Sunshine City

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Animate Girls Festival, as you may have guessed from its name, is an annual exhibition showcasing goods directed at female anime fans! And to no one's surprise, Gintama managed to make a small appearance among titles like Attack on Titan, Meganebu!, Free!, and Diabolik Lovers.

G.E.M. Series Sakata Gintoki - New ver.

Photo from habisan

The prototype of the second Gintoki G.E.M. figurine was displayed at the festival. G.E.M. is a figure line by MegaHouse who produces higher-end quality figurines of characters from various anime. Although this line is directed to females, characters like Elizabeth, Kagura, and Kyubei have made appearances as well.

Gintoki's first G.E.M. figurine originally released in 2010 had many incarnations, such as Benizakura, Renewal, and Yamcha.

Price, release date, and pre-order date to be announced.

The G.E.M. Hijikata Toshiro ver. Kai was displayed beside this prototype. It was released in September, 2013.

Gintama (Anime ver.) Blanket

Photo from Animate

This Ginpachi blanket was on pre-sale on the AGF shop for 4,000円 through mail order. It's 1000x750mm and in full color.

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