Weekly Jump Comments

Every week, authors get a little bit of space in the issue to talk about almost anything they want. Sometimes it's used to congratulate, sometimes it's used for completely random thoughts.

But it's thanks to these comments that we learn a little more about the authors and what they're thinking while they create manga for us.

It goes without saying that this section is a work-in-progress and that errors are likely to exist. Be aware that edits, corrections, and additions will be made without notice.

Ch.# Comment Notes
1 I had to take advantage of the Shinsengumi boom, but when I realized I took the wrong turn, I found myself in a wasteland with no one around. Somebody come get me.
2 I misspelled "Lake Toya" on Gin-san's wooden sword. Lake Toya people, I'm sorry.
3 Loose hairs have remarkably blocked the bathroom's drainpipe. Please tell me of a good hair tonic, Dad.
4 I realized something was wrong with me when I was gleefully drawing old men and grannies. Please take care of this sick me this year.
5 The Nakano 11 Junior High School made "Dandelion" into a drama. I'm so happy! Dandelion is one of Sorachi's one-shot manga.
6 I can feel the malice from the comments in fan letters written by the editorial staff. They're losing that space starting from next week. Serves you right, Onishi. Onishi Onihei is Sorachi's editor.
7 I participated in the New Year's Party. I was being judged by a lot of editors, and I received warm words from a lot of authors.
8 Correction, I made a mistake with lesson 6 saying "terror walk" instead of "pero walk". Complaints like "Onishi, stop messing around" go to the guy in charge.
9 The greatest call of nature known to man assaulted me at the bookstore the other day, but I was okay when I kept telling myself I was going to be okay.
10 My editor gave me a china dress as a souvenir he got on his Taiwan business trip. Since it can't be helped, I draw manga with it on.
11 A female assistant has temporarily joined a workplace full of dirty men. Thank you very much for a refreshing moment.
12 I received a lot of Valentine chocolates. Although they were mostly addressed to Gin-san, I ate all of them.
13 My editor is a thug editor who comes to my place and rummages through my refrigerator as he pleases. I hope you get all your fingers jammed.
14 I'm angry at my editor's remarks! As angry as the amount the chocolates I got!! Argh, I ain't taking it lying down; I'm holding the Onishi Bloodbath next week.
15 The Onishi Bloodbath: Act 1 - Onishi-san, you think those sideburns look cool huh...... How about I give you a techno haircut then!!
16 The Onishi Bloodbath: Act 2 - Onishi-san, you think your eyes look slender huh...... How about I go make them double-lidded then!!
17 The Onishi Bloodbath: Act 3 - Onishi-san, your lips are chapping......... How about I smear some chapstick on you then!!!
18 The Onishi Bloodbath: Act 4 - Onishi-san, Gintama's first volume isn't in any bookshops... So it was your idea wasn't it!
19 The Onishi Bloodbath: Final Act - I think I'm going to stop since my editor has been acting like an idol recently. Thanks for your attention up to now.
20 My body has been releasing an old man smell lately. I wash and wash but it won't go away. Somebody get this off of me.
21 I got three canker sores. I've fought with them many times up to now thinking we could be friends but they double-crossed me.
22 When I went home for Golden Week, my parents slept like sea lions, my older sister pestered for money, and my pet dog was in mating season. What's family again?
23 There were a ton of fan letters telling me to take a bath. You guys......... Are you my mother or something!?
24 Thank you so much for sending me birthday presents. ...Don't expect any return gifts from meeee!!!
25 When I went to the bathroom during work to take a dump, I fell asleep on the toilet seat. Amazing. Humans are sure robust.
26 I read a dog story recommended by a reader called "Don't Go Without Me" and cried. Chappyyy! Chappy is Sorachi's beloved dog who is living with his parents.
27 The editor excessively talked about money and got dirty. When look at a mirror, my face also looked dirty. Scary Tokyo.
28 If I fought with an elementary student right now, I would lose. I can't even lift open a lid of "Gohan Desuyo" anymore. I'm practically a lady now. Gohan Desuyo is a popular brand of seasoned seaweed paste, often used on rice.
29 I've been eating nothing but fried stuff nowadays. I think the guy who invented frying is a genius. I want to be fried too.
30 When I tried to organize Onihei's entire DVD collection, I got overwhelmed by the frightening amount and gave up. Onihei, aren't you an ally of the masses!?
31 In the occassion I wanted to cook for myself, I opened the rice cooker's jar lid and revealed the setting from Nausicaä inside. I had left old food in there. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Ghibli film.
32 Gintama appeared in Rank Kingdom. An assistant here cursed at the cooly-dressed Ralph and my eyes got teary. Rank Kingdom is a late night entertainment program on TBS. The mascot for the program is Ralph.
33 I was so delighted to hear the taxi guy say he knew about Gintama, until he said "that pachinko guy, right?"…
34 An assistant was working with mustard smeared under his eyes. I didn't smear any but for some reason the tears won't stop flowing.
35 Hesitating on a computer purchase since there's a lot of things to look into. It's pretty tiresome. Viruses and stuff are scary too~
36 Gintama was being sold in a second-hand store. Surely it's because... there was a trumpet he just had to buy. Probably.
37 It seems Gintama is called "Bravo Samurai" in Korea. ...Is it selling well!?
38 For some reason, Gintama gets a lot of fan letters from housewives. Could it be that volumes are selling in the Daily Dish Corner at the grocery store? Daily Dish Corner is a rough translation of a section in a grocery store where the daily side-dish specials are sold.
39 I missed a Dragon Ball rerun and the story dramatically developed. What happened, Goku~!!
40 Recently, the number of times I smoke has strangely increased. I'm inhaling more smoke fumes than oxygen. What's going on, me?
41 I miss the Genghis Khan I ate everyday in Hokkaido quite a lot. Putting udon in it still makes it so delicious. Genghis Khan is a Hokkaido dish, lamb grilled on a skillet. Sorachi's home prefecture is Hokkaido.
42 The year I left for Tokyo is full of memories. I bought a G-pen there, bought a maru-pen, and... bought an eraser. These are fountain pens used in manga.
43 It'd be difficult but I want to live a life where I always have a t-shirt on. A country where you can wear a t-shirt to your father's funeral sounds great.
44 I was questioned on the roadside in the middle of the night. On top of being suspected as an arsonist, they pointed out that my fly was opened and laughed at me. ...It's been a long time since I drank alcohol.
45 Thank you for the fan letters. We have a lot of perverse people, don't we. What were you thinking writing about a porno you watched?
46 On the morning of nearly bombing the manuscript, I looked at the fortune-telling ranking and saw that Gemini was at the bottom. But I made it in time. Like I'd be defeated.
47 When I was working alone in the middle of the night, a bug that looked like Satan's minion stopped on the window. That was definitely Satan's minion.
48 Everyone's already playing Dragon Quest, huh. Everyone's already begun their adventure, huh. Dammittt!! Dragon Quest VIII was released.
49 I received a mysterious silver(gin) ball(tama) from a reader and realized I've been touching it. Balls are nice.
50 Thanks to all you readers, we're approaching a whole full year, and for that I humbly thank you. Truly, thank you so much.
51 Before I knew it, the Gintama board game in Akamaru was finished. I'm worried if the editor will do something on his own again. Not!! Akamaru Jump, now known as Jump Next!, is a seasonal edition of Jump sold during the holidays. It mainly features one-shots by aspiring manga authors.
52 I hate the airplane. I love the stewardess. I wonder what should I do?
53 Went to Jump Festa. A Gin-san cosplayer was lifelessly eating something. Show me more spirit, you guys!! Jump Festa is an annual end-of-year anime/manga/game convention sponsored by Shueisha.
54 Went home and got to see my dog. He slightly forgot about me. He's aging too, I wonder how many more times I'll get to see him.
55 I went to the New Year's party. A New Year's party full of eyeglasses. The entire editorial department was wearing glasses, so I didn't know who was who.
56 I received health foods from my grandmother that were said to be good for my eyes. Grandma, these look a little suspicious, are they safe?
57 For the first time ever since coming to Tokyo, I caught a cold. Please take care of yourselves, everyone.
58 When snow doesn't fall in Tokyo, I'm happy to ride my bicycle all year round.
59 Recently, a record-breaking hamburger craving occurred inside of me. I want to be wrapped up too.
60 Thank you for the Valentine chocolates. But no matter who sent them, the final destination point is a dirty old man's stomach.
61 Recently, I've been waiting for an ice cream called "Pick-Up Cafe au Lait". I want to be picked up too. Glico product. Little coated balls with ice cream inside.
62 I feel like shouting about working in a small room. I feel like running around a wide-open grassland. On a white horse in Mongolia...
64 I hear people talking about some sort of sour smell coming from Gintama. I'm sorry for making a sour manga.
65 If I think about it, I have a habit of saying "like". Since I'm probably annoying my surroundings, it's like I'll try to fix it this month? The original phrase is "~mitai na" which means "-like", "sort of", "resembling", etc.
66 Spring in Tokyo is so refreshing. Spring in Hokkaido was about the snow melting and dog poop budding from below, making it the worst season there was.
67 Even though it's Tokyo, the smell of horse dung wafts in the air so I'm moving out of this beautiful street. Thanks for everything up to now.
68 When I called home for the first time in a long time, I was mistaken by my mother for the "It's me! It's me!" scam. I no longer have a place to go home now. This is the same scam Kagura was tricked by in chapter 57.
69 When I toss out the Jumps I've collected, the string used to bundle them together always numbs my fingers. Don't underestimate Jump.
70 Finished moving in. I already never want to do that again. It's such a pain. I feel like tearing up the next cardboard I see.
71 It's really good there's a big bookstore in the neighborhood at my new address. Actually, now I want to live in a bookstore.
72 I received an Ayanokoji Kimimaro CD from the editorial department. I wonder where they're directing me. Ayanokoji is a comedic singer. A live-recording CD in 2002 sold over a million copies.
73 A lot of postcards came in for the "Help Me Think of an Amanto" Corner held by Jump. I'm happy to see a lot of weird ones.
74 The curry from the neighborhood's lunch vendor is delicious. According to an assistant, there seems to be a hot employee there making it doubly delicious.
75 The Kanto rainy season is fairly humid and intense. The humidity from a workplace full of men is fairly intense.
76 Thanks to everyone's support, we're getting an OVA. Even when I become an old geezer, I won't throw this week's Jump away.
77 In a phone call with my father, I got warned that there had been a lot of dirty jokes lately. ......What's this bad feeling?
78 I wrote a lot of dirty jokes this week too. I'm sorry, Dad.
79 A dog showed up on TV and I instantly let out a smile. Ahh! Chappy (dog at home), I want to see you!
80 Because of adult circumstances, I was forced to redraw the cover of volume 8 to be this weird Hijikata that isn't being himself.
81 The cooler at the workplace broke and some cicada-like sound is coming from it. It's summer isn't it.
82 I listened to the tape I received which had the voices of the anime's voice actors. Gin-san and Kagura felt great!!
83 Despite no longer having any more summer holidays, when it comes to that time I still get sad for some reason.
84 Congratulations to the Komadai Tomakomai for the 2nd consecutive championships. As someone born and raised in the same Hokkaido, I also felt cheered up. This school located in Tomakomai, Hokkaido was the first high school in the area to win the Summer Koshien (annual nationwide baseball tournament) in 2004.
85 My editor gave me a candy present from Vietnam. It subtly tasted like Vietnam.
86 For some reason, ideas often pop when I'm on the toilet. As I thought, this is a room where lots of things easily come out.
87 Saito-san, thank you for thinking up a fun Amanto for me. Please look at the details in volume 9.
88 Assistant Nishijima is debuting in Jump the Revolution. Congratulations. It's the first time I made a comment like this.
89 The TV in the room broke. But beating it up temporarily fixes it. Almost like it is in manga.
91 Suspicious hair is falling in the assistant's bedroom no matter how many times it gets cleaned. Everyone, start shaving next week.
92 Even though it's autumn, I don't like how clammy it gets these days. In addition to that, even the work environment is clammy from all the men here.
93 The front cover of volume 10 released in December is "that guy". It feels like it won't sell... Please help me. "That guy" is Madao.
94 The cockroaches have appeared in my house at last. Ever since we observed them for a field trip. A long battle begins.
95 My parents sent me a shape machine fearing that I was lacking exercise. It instantly became an obstacle in the workplace.
96 I always wear a t-shirt in the workplace even if it's cold outside. At this rate, I'll be passing the time with a t-shirt on all year round.
97 It seems there's a bunch of plans for Gintama at Jump Festa at the end-of-year. Please enjoy it while you're there.
98 When Sunday comes around, I hear the sound of a recorder from somewhere. He sucks at it but it heals me.
99 When the weekly deadline comes around, I hear the angry voice of a woman. It's gotta be a manga author or an editor.
100 An assistant got in Akamaru as a duo. Everyone, mistake that week's Jump for Akamaru when you go buy it.
101 Nothing happy about the New Year here, "that" has finally happened -- There's a discomfort in my butt...! Hemmorhoids.
102 I didn't take New Year's day off. I worked hard on a lot of things, so please praise me.
103 It goes without saying it's thanks to everyone we're getting an anime. If you're able to watch over it and the manga with your warm eyes from now on, I'll be so happy.
104 I sorta like Journey to the West. I think it'll be really great if you come home from school and watch the rebroadcast at around 4 o'clock.
105 An assistant bought me a comic book I used to read. Wanpakku is so good. Wanpakku Comics began in 1985 and ended in 1989. It functioned like CoroCoro Comics and often had comics based on Nintendo games.
106 The assistants practiced eating makizushi for Setsubun in silence so they could become happier. I wish you dummies the best. Setsubun is a day where beans are thrown outside to chase out evil and sushi is eaten for good luck. It is customary in the Kansai area to eat the ehomaki (sushi) in silence and in one go, while facing a direction determined by the zodiac.
107 Kishimoto-sensei, thanks for getting a laugh out of Gintama. From here on I'll do my best to get your lips cracking. Kishimoto is the author of Naruto.
108 Thank you so much for sending me a lot of Valentine chocolates this year. I'll use the hemorrhoid medicine with great care too.
109 If you watch the anime carefully, you can tell the voice actors have fallen into a trap. And now the secret's out. Stop the broadcast~
110 I think I finally finished a bunch of work. But there isn't much else to do, so I draw more manga.
111 The anime has begun at last. It'll make me so happy if you can huddle around the dining table and watch it with the whole family.
112 When I cleaned up the room, I found an old storyboard I drew. I didn't really grow up, huh.
113 I was half-sleeping and almost lit my lips on fire instead of a cigarette that wasn't in my mouth. Humans should sleep, I guess.
114 I'm working hard so I can visit home and see Chappy for Golden Week. Am I gonna be able to?
115 The lunch vendor went under a lengthy remodel and the hot employee is now a granny... How was that a remodel!?
116 I listened to a song on the radio called "Mottainai" and I can't get it out of my head.
117 In the end, I wasn't able to see my dog during the break. I'll do my best in cleaning up the room to refresh my spirits.
118 I gave up on the Golden Week break to draw up this week's front color page. I don't care who, somebody please praise me.
119 The assistants are taking us all out to watch a play. I'm pretty pumped.
120 Thank you so much for sending me all sorts of birthday presents. I'll put everything to use.
121 Kyubei's dad isn't "Munenori", he's more of a "Koshinori". Who's this "Munenori" guy.
122 I received a watermelon from the editorial's grandma from Kyushu. Delicious. Thank you.
123 As a result of thinking hard for the cover of the 13th volume released on the 4th, I decided on Prince Hata. I'm worried.
124 When the anime staff orders pizza, the receipt is addressed to something like the Sunrise Kintama Squad. Sexual harassment!
125 At the serialization awards ceremony, Akimoto-sensei taught me the essential points to a one-shot. I've been enlightened. Akimoto is the author of Kochikame.
126 A cold that I caught spread and annihilated the workplace. I'll do what it takes to hang on until O-Bon.
127 It seems as if the world entered summer vacation. Adults like me don't get summer vacations, but I'm kind of excited.
128 I went to Animate's Gintama Fair. I thought I'd go take a look even though I'm shy.
129 The assistants have been leaving the nest one after another lately. I'm happy for them but I feel a little lonely.
130 I was somehow able to nab some summer vacation. I plan to go back home and eat Genghis Khan.
131 I returned to Hokkaido for the summer holiday. Every time I go home, I gain weight. Somebody please do something about this stomach.
132 Some obscene-looking mascot that's an algae ball with an erection is becoming popular in Hokkaido. Now I'm making my cellphone bulge out. Mascot is Marimokkori. It's as Sorachi described.
133 I stretched out a story that was meant to end in one chapter. Next week I'll be the only one worshiping Kochikame again.
134 Saw a zombie movie in the morning and lost my tension throughout the day. It's definitely something to watch at night instead.
135 Assistant Takahashi-kun got on Jump the Revolution. He's the guy who scratches in Gintama's thick mobs. Best regards. Jump the Revolution is a special edition of Jump Next! which contained one-shots of soon-to-be serialized manga in Weekly Jump and Jump SQ.
136 The anime's time changed and will now be airing on Thursdays at 6. Please take note.
137 It got cold. It's the season to say goodbye to t-shirts. I don't know what I should wear in autumn.
138 The end of the year is approaching, so things have been gradually getting busier, but I'm working hard to get to the New Year break.
139 It bothers me when there isn't a character to use for the volume's cover. I used Zenzo this time. It's agonizing.
140 My editor caught a cold and was coughing in the workplace without a mask. If I get infected it's your fault.
141 I'm a little late on this, but congrats to the Nippon-Hams for winning the championship. It really feels like a manga. Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters is a professional baseball team from Sapporo, Hokkaido.
142 One just came out in November but another volume is being released in December. It'll be hell but I'll hang on.
143 It's the season to draw storyboards on the kotatsu. When I'm at a loss for a story, I almost easily fall asleep. Kotatsu is a low table with a heater underneath and a futon on top to keep the heat in.
144 Thank you for sending me lots of fan letters every week. I am properly reading through all of them.
145 I took part in the intermission of the anime. I am sincerely sorry on many levels for the trouble I caused. This is episode 4 where we hear the gorilla talking.
146 One more week of work left before winter vacation. I'll keep at it. It's going to feel like forever.
147 We've gotten through yet another year. I'll be working hard this coming year, so please continue to support me.
148 Happy New Year. I hope this year will be a year of working hard in good health.
149 I used the end-of-year break to go to Kyoto. I haven't been here since a school trip, but it's still a beautiful town.
150 I went to the Jump New Year's party. I listened to stories from a lot of authors, which was quite encouraging.
151 Can't play with the Xbox 360 I won at the New Year's party bingo quite yet. I wanna play it soon.
152 I want to see "A Battle of Wits". I'm so busy that free time to go watch a movie is sparse, but this time I just gotta go see it. "A Battle of Wits" is a 2006 Hong Kong film.
153 After putting the Kinniku Buster to use recently, I think main characters just gotta have this secret move. Kinniku Buster is one of Kinnikuman's trademark techniques. Hasegawa unintentionally used it in this chapter.
154 After drawing nothing but old men in the manga lately, I'm slowly wanting to draw energetic youthful people too. The word he used is "kyapi yatsu", which is someone like this: ☆(ゝω・)vキャピ
155 Some friends from around my home town found out I became a manga author. I'm embarrassed. But thanks for sending the crab.
156 Thank you for sending lots of Valentine chocolates to me. I'm eating them with the staff.
157 The cold is spreading all around me. Soon, will be working while getting infected and feeling chilly.
158 I received a thank-you letter from a souvinir shop in Toyako. I'm glad to be of help! The Echigoya in Toyako had done engravings for over 30 years, and no doubt got a boost thanks to Gintama and Gintoki's wooden sword.
159 I ate too many Valentine chocolates and got fat. I don't want to look at the mirror anymore...
160 It's flower-viewing season and the neighborhood park is noisy. I want to stroll in peace soon.
161 Assistants Takahashi and Nagisawa Ryo-sensei's works are getting published in the May issue of Akamaru. Read it when you can.
162 I did a collaboration with To Love-ru for the cover of Akamaru. Lala's costume was hard!
163 I read a short bear novel called "Shatune". I'm already scared, so don't think I'll be going to the mountains.
164 This year, it seems the summit meeting is being held at Lake Toya. Lake Toya's time has finally come.
165 I went to my editor's wedding ceremony. The anime editorial staff's program was exciting. Wishing you happiness, Onishi-san.
166 I had an opportunity to go drinking with Ooishi-sensei the other day. A great job well done with your serialization. Ooishi is the author of Maison du Penguin.
167 I turned 28. I thank you kindly for the presents and the like. I'm burning through what's left of my 20s!!
168 Half a year already went by this year too. Drawing manga really makes the time go by.
169 I took part in the Serialization Commemoration Party. Lots of authors asked about my tales so it was a fun time. I'll be working towards going to it again.
170 The anime staff gave me 600 tasty sticks for my birthday. The assistants and I are eating them. These are the same stick snacks (umaibo) that Katsura likes.
171 The massive amount of tasty sticks the anime staff sent are eaten at a rate of more than 20 sticks a day. As you may have guessed, it's intense.
172 I'm late on this, but a job well done on your serialization, Sawai-sensei. I look forward to your next work. Sawai is the author of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.
173 I suddenly noticed that there's always dust gathering in my bellybutton. Wonder what this is...
174 My assistants Nagisawa-sensei and Sagami-sensei got their works published in Akamaru. Please cheer them on.
175 The apple mango parfait at the mini-stop is delicious. I'm eating this almost everyday.
176 I'm diligently drawing manga right now so I can take a proper summer holiday this year.
177 After being bathed by the cooler all day, I still feel out of it. Everyone, be careful.
178 Summer holidays is over for everybody but mine has just started. I will be taking a good rest.
179 I got back from visiting home for the summer holidays. Dad's balding has advanced.
180 The special Summer Vacation arc is done next week. Sorry. Wanted to drag it out even though summer vacation is already over.
181 Sorry. I take back last week's statement. The special Summer Vacation arc isn't over yet. I'll be careful from now on. Next week is still the same. Second-last chapter of the ryugyu palace arc.
182 I think I finally finished eating the 600 tasty sticks the anime staff bought for my birthday. That was long...
183 Had an outbreak of bugs from the garbage in the kitchen. All the good kids: be sure to throw out the trash immediately, ok.
184 Overdid it in Monster Hunter and broke the analog stick. Won't be playing it for a while, yep!
185 It suddenly got chilly. All the readers, please be careful to not catch a cold.
186 I'm looking forward to the Wii Gintama game coming out on October 25th. Just what is it gonna be like!?
187 Got different kinds of stuff from fans for Gin-san's birthday. Lots of sake presents. I'm glad to be an adult.
188 My editor who appeared to have given me 6 years of grief has been changed. Onishi-san, thank you for everything you've done.
189 My editor is now the girly rugger man, Mr. Saito. Let's take on Gintama delicately and dynamically from now on.
190 My editor gave me udon from Shikoku as a souvenir, it was so good. I think the udon boom is coming.
191 I sleep on my bed twice a week at most. The rest are on the floor with the kotatsu. My body is creaking.
192 I got a letter from Capcom. I thought I was getting complained at, but it was a letter of encouragement. I cried.
193 Curry attacked my PC and broke it. All right! Not gonna be using the PC for a while!
194 Since I find it annoying to go to the barber, my hair is now thick. I look like Bach.
195 So I'm doing a one-shot for Jump Square. I'm looking forward to it, but my entire holiday pretty much flew out the window. I'll do my best! This one-shot is called "13".
196 Happy New Year. I will earnestly work hard on manga this year. Best regards to all.
197 Finished drawing the Jump Square one-shot. I thought I was gonna die. If you feel like it, please take a peek.
198 I cleared out all kind of work that piled up. For now I want to sleep.
199 Thanks to everyone's support, we've reached the 5-year mark. I'll devote myself more, so thank you!
200 The cold has annihilated the workplace. Somebody praise us for delivering dreams to boys while we're delirious with fevers.
201 The editor is off to get purified as the ghost arc's curse and misfortune continues. Divine punishment to the guy who tries to save himself!
202 Our dog at home, Chappy, got sick. I want to go on a walk with him again. Cheer up, Chappy.
203 I'm late on this, but thank you for the mountain of chocolate. Us dirty old men are eating it.
204 My nose is slightly itchy. Yeah, it's about that time of year for hay fever.
205 I met up with Ooishi-sensei who does Maison du Penguin. As usual, he seemed a little down. I hope the best for him.
206 Forgot my number so I could't check my postbox. 3rd time now. Accepting ideas on how to ask the manager for the number without sounding stupid.
207 Staff got into a heated argument about Gundam. Those guys will never become Newtype. Newtype is said to be the next stage of human evolution in the Gundam series.
208 The bar I like to go to went out of business. It was due to cockroaches creeping around...
209 When my dog at home wasn't feeling good, I had written an ill-omened chapter. Hang in there, Chappy. This was the last chapter of the Kintaro dog story.
210 Went drinking with Kubo-sensei and Murata-sensei. We were supposed to study but all we learned were dirty jokes. Kubo is the author of Bleach. Murata is the author of Eyeshield 21.
211 At last, the only smoker here is me. It sucks to use Taspo so it might be about time for me too. Taspo, formally known as Tobacco Card, is needed to purchase cigarettes from the vending machine.
212 I started an overdue reading of the manga version of Nausicaa. So the movie was only a prologue! Ahh, happiness.
213 My friends from Hokkaido sent me crab and salmon roe. Golden Week's over and I wanna go back to Hokkaido!
214 I turned 29. I'll work hard this year to be like a thirty-year-old when I hit the thirties.
215 Thank you for sending lots of birthday presents. It was very kind of you. I'll do my best.
216 I went to the serialization awards ceremony. The things the other authors said has encouraged me. I'll persevere.
217 My editor said "I want to play Metal Gear Solid 4 so hurry up with the manuscript". This is the first time I've been made to hurry.
218 The anime staff and the voice actors celebrated my birthday. It was so much fun. Thank you very much.
219 The editor kept saying "Metal Gear! Metal Gear!" so I gave it a try and got sucked in. The manuscript might be late.
220 I bought a replacement for my roughly-7-year-old cellphone. I don't know how to use any of the features at all.
221 I think I'll start to take walks since my stomach's sticking out. Head's spinning too but I'll hang in there.
222 I immediately started the walks, but I got too excited and some skin peeled off of my foot. Should take things moderately.
223 Went drinking with an old editor after a long time. He has matured considerably. ...Hateful guy.
224 I didn't know the pain of cavities so this is the first time I'm feeling tormented by it. Mmcan'tsleep.
225 I saw Ponyo. The movie and the children's reactions were interesting. Ghibli movie.
226 Assistant Kasahashi-kun's manga got a men... tion... last week. Sorry, I forgot to advertise Kasahashi-kun. (laugh)
227 Ahh, I really wanted to be done with the color spread. Sorry, I'll need one more week. Don't mind the low angle on the door!
228 My favorite chair that I liked to use has finally broken down. Thank you for holding me up this whole time.
229 I bought a replacement for my roughly-7-year-old cellphone. I don't know how to use any of the features at all.
230 If I hesitate in going to the dentist, a tooth is going to break. My personal belongings sure have been breaking lately.
231 Dead bugs flew in the breeze and towards the verandah. Did I do something bad?
232 While playing Monster Hunter, I dropped the PSP and lost the data. It was kind of a nostalgic feeling.
233 The season to part with t-shirts is coming around. Nggh, wearing coats and stuff are a pain.
234 My editor loaned me a bunch of DVDs without a word. Looks like he went to Tsutaya.
235 All sorts of presents came in for Gin-san's birthday. Please understand that I'm accepting them while he's away.
236 I wear earplugs while I draw up storyboards, but I lose them every week. I wonder how many I've bought now.
237 In Lesson 235 in Weekly Jump issue 49, the chains broke but then they were fastened together at the end. It's a mistake. I apologize for it.
238 I don't see a use for street vendor stands. Don't you need courage to enter something like that? This chapter was the street vendor story.
239 For a slight moment, don't you smell a kind of body odor from taco-rice?
240 Didn't cut my hair for half a year. Perms makes the head look unusual and bigger. Like seeing two heads worth.
241 Hatsuki Kyo-sensei, thank you for the Rusk. The staff and I thought they were delicious. Hatsuki is the author of a few adult series. Doesn't draw for Weekly Jump.
242 Congratulations to the birth of Onishi-san's child. I'm eagerly hoping the child takes after your wife.
243 Happy New Year. I suddenly caught a cold. I can tell I'm in for a ride.
244 Thanks to everyone's support, we're approaching the 5th anniversary. I'll be working hard from here on, so please continue to give your support.
245 Our workplace was annihilated by the cold. Plus the editor too. The infection was completely my doing. I'm sorry.
246 I didn't go to the Jump New Year's Party this year too. Damn you, influenzaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
247 Getting a good cigarette from my editor so my body can inhale water vapor and vitamins instead of smoke. All right, I've quit smoking.
248 After the manuscript was done, I picked out some unusual-looking snot. It feels like I lost something important.
249 I love coffee, but when I drink it, my peeing starts to get weird. I go once every 1.5 minutes.
250 I had planned a Dragon Quest festival, but when I found out the release date got pushed back, I was the only one doing a happy dance. How... embarrassing. Dragon Quest IX got delayed from March 28 to July 11, and by chapter 250 Gintama was almost done its DQ-themed arc.
251 I received Valentine chocolates. Thanks for letting me fall into a delusion that old guys are popular too.
252 Some hectic stuff since the anime started. It's painful but I'm actually thankful. Will work hard.
253 The editor kindly gave me Resident Evil 5 during a crappy busy time. Tormenting me is fun.
254 The character book project is making things go all over the place. Truly exhausted from the continuing troubles...
255 An editor is often sending me Fujimaki-sensei's e-mails by mistake. He's super oppressive. Don't lose to him, Fujimaki-sensei. Fujimaki is the author of Kuroko's Basketball.
256 Editor change. It was fun having Saito-san for half a year. The borrowed DVD is going to have "without returning" tagged on it.
257 At last, finished work on the character book. I worked very hard. Buy it if you'd like to, everyone.
258 My new editor hails from Tokyo University. He is the intelligent-stinking-elite-editor Nakazaki-san. Great to have you!!
259 I saw "Departures". Yamazaki Tsutomu, you are too cool. I can't get the shirako eating scene out of my head. Yamazaki is an actor. Sorachi is referring to this scene in the movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8oWabpaviw
260 I'm clearing up all the work to go home for Golden Week and play with my pet dog. Chappy!!
261 Had a drink with some childhood friends at my home town. It's been a long time since I laughed my guts out.
262 Recently, the bellies of the staff and I have been sticking out, so we're eating nothing but soumen noodles. I'm already sick of it.
263 I've finally hit my thirties. I'll work hard in order to be an adult suitable for that age!!
264 Thanks for all the birthday presents. I will be using everything.
265 Drank with the anime staff. Thank you for being so thoughtful. I will most certainly show my gratitude.
266 Modified my right hand into a G-pen. It's quite easy to use. Currently thinking about a calligraphy pen or a maru-pen for the left. -Cyborg Sorachi This was the chapter where Tae took out Sorachi in the character poll arc.
267 Someone... someone I met told me I was chubby. I feel like I don't want to meet any human beings anymore.........
268 The other side of my groin has been itchy lately. It's not a jock itch okay, it's absolutely-definitely a heat rash! Heat rash!
269 I drank with Kubo-sensei the other day. I remember nothing but our dirty talks. Kubo is the author of Bleach.
270 I stood in line to buy Dragon Quest, and on the way back, saw that 7-Eleven was selling it out of the blue.
271 We tell ghost stories to keep ourselves awake during work, but then we're unable to sleep on unrelated days.
272 Had a drink with an old editor. Had a disgusting otaku discussion at a fancy bar.
273 I can't get the "Radio Exercise Song" out of my head for the longest time.... Somebody help me. This chapter was the radio exercise story.
274 I used the O-Bon festival to do spring cleaning. It's not good to not quickly throw away unusable things, huh.
275 The beautifully cleaned room was torn to shreds after one round of work. I guess this is how we settle in.
276 An assistant's cat passed away... worst timing since we're drawing cats. Rest in peace, Pu. They're in the middle of the alley cat arc.
277 Went to editor Elite's wedding ceremony. The elite are congratulating the elite in an elite ceremony. The elite is editor Nagasaki.
278 I walk from one station to another. Discovering things that can't be seen via train is surprising and fun.
279 Talked to the successive editors about Gintama. I wanted to beat them to death after hearing their true feelings.
280 This week's manuscript is late and the vice editor-in-chief is on board. Every reader, give me strength...!!
281 Gintama was featured in QuickJapan. With this, it now joins the other fancy manga. Take a look when you can.
282 To an exhausted manga author on the morning after a sleepless night, the weather girl looks like an angel.
283 It goes without saying that it's thanks to everyone we're getting a movie. It's gonna get hectic, but we'll hang on!!
285 At a family restaurant I stopped by during a walk outside, Gintama was a hot topic among the young boys. Instead of sweat, tears came out.
286 When it got cold, the kotatsu season arrived. It's warm but I get sluggish and no work gets done.
287 Wonder if it's Ketsuno Ana's curse tearing an assistant's butt with wart hemorrhoids...... I don't know anything!! They're in the middle of the Ketsuna Ana arc.
289 An ex-editor sent me his thoughts on Bayonetta during a busy season like this. When will she regain her memories? Bayonetta is an action video game. Bayonetta, the main character, awakens after a 500-year sleep with no memories of who or what she is.
291 Happy New Year. I'll be working hard this year too, so please continue to support me.
292 Sorry for dragging x'mas for 3 weeks. But I was still doing this before x'mas. This was the last chapter of the Santa arc.
293 I worked while watching the TV for all of New Year's. Jimmy-chan's a genius. Jimmy Onishi is a comedian, you might be familiar with his role in Gaki no Tsukai.
294 If I draw unnecessary stuff on naked people's crotches, I redo it all. Messing with the crotch means the New Year's party is over for me.
295 Giving thanks to Jump and the readers for sticking with this idiot for these 6 long years.
296 Although I'm a Hokkaidoian, I'm not completely fine with Tokyo's winters. It's just plainly cold.
297 The children who go to the neighborhood cram school are too dazzling. Open up the future! Do your best on the exams, students!!
298 The amount of tissues we're using at work is not normal. Just like in middle school.
299 Thank you for lots of Valentine chocolates. It must be my imagination that it feels like they're getting lesser by the years!!
300 The work schedule got pushed forward, and in an instant we're back to the usual carnage. God, give me strength!!
301 Sorry, I received lots of Valentine chocolates due to time differences. Thanks very much!
302 The last fellow soldier who defended the bachelor fortress with me was killed in action. Nikka, Kei-san, wishing you eternal happiness.
303 Happy New Year. I'll be working hard this year too, so please continue to support me.
304 Thanks for all the hard work, Gintama anime. You gave the best encouragement ever. Thank you so much. The anime went on break for a year.
305 The movie's here at last. There's no volume 0, but I'll be happy if you go to see it. Thank you. The 10th One Piece movie gave out a special volume 0 at the theaters.
306 I didn't realize my iPod earphones were soaking in my coffee throughout the day. How many does this make...
307 Falling behind on the Golden Week deadline destroyed my chances of going home. Stupid me.
308 I thank all those went to go see the movie. I'm feeding off that energy to do my best.
309 I parted with my carpet, an old buddy covered with pubic hair. I'll do my best to start fresh.
310 Changed the bookshelves around. It's giving off a different impression now, but it's very easy to manage.
311 Thank you for sending a bunch of birthday presents. I'm sorry for turning 31 too.
312 The anime finished. There's no need for me to say goodbye, because I'll be working hard so we can meet again.
313 I didn't have anything to wear since I gained weight, so I attended the awards ceremony wearing an unwashed parka. Sorry if I stunk.
314 My editor changed. I respond by devoting myself to the Elite who almost worked himself bald until I'm almost bald myself. Thank you!! Editor was Nakazaki, who was known for being Elite.
315 The new editor is the long-hair-is-yucky Mr. Honda. I'll work hard to go bald in a flash.
316 There's a popularity boom in reading light novels in the bathroom. A book going flabby is also proof that it was read there.
317 Thanks to deadlines getting pushed forward, I'm always wandering in a sea of trouble. O-Bon is so far away......
318 "REC" got my attention. I've always thought that a zombie war's gotta be fun. Gotta be exciting. I wanna experience it too. REC is a 2007 Spanish horror film.
320 Dad occasionally wears stuff like a Takasugi T-shirt on his way to Tokyo. The world is going to be destroyed.
321 Meisho no Saihai on the NHK channel is interesting. Can you not air while I'm in the middle of doing a storyboard, please?
323 I'm sorry I'm taking next week off. It's for work. Really. No, no, really.
324 No, really. It really is for work. Seriously. Except, it's completely against my willlll!!
325 Isn't the look on the SoftBank father's face going "ehh~~" when he sees Matsuda Shota too cute? The SoftBank "dad" is referring to the white dog who plays the father in the commercials. This is the commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxVSwUMfVCs
326 The storyboard for the one-shot is still around 10 pages so far. It's about time to take off this 100 kilo wristband~
327 If you thought there was sort of a shortage of pages, please understand the situation. I'm sorry. The crab chapter was short because he's working on a one-shot at the same time.
328 Last week we overcame 58 pages and felt we could go Saiyan-like for an easy 19 pages, but we didn't grow at all and barely made it.
329 Just a trivial fact, but old pops Matsudaira's model is based on De Niro.
331 I don't understand the fancy procedure in ordering a Meal or a Whopper at Burger King at all.
332 When I came home from school as a child, it was my daily routine to hear my mother talk bad about the factory manager at her workplace.
333 The "Devouring of Heaven and Earth" I borrowed without returning was in fact a present that Okita's actor Suzumura-san gave me at my birthday party.
334 And so those guys are back again. Until April, please continue to support me as I fire harassing dirty jokes in rapid succession.
335 After the meeting I suddenly saw that my t-shirt was inside-out. Honda-san, say something about it...
336 After the meeting I saw that my t-shirt had snot on the collar. Honda, having a good time?
337 Happy New Year. This year I'll make my deadlines for sure!! Probably...
338 Bought an espresso machine. I'm drinking coffee that almost looks like light brown poop.
339 Without fail, I caught a cold for the New Year's break. Sometimes I just want to take a rest when I'm healthy.
340 After all this time, I'm freakin' loving Prison Break. Sorry, I never actually watched it the last time I did that story. Chapter 340 is the first chapter of the prison arc.
341 Thanks to everyone's support, it's the 7th anniversary. Despite this, I'm sorry I'm drawing a front cover color full of old men. I'll be working hard from now on.
342 I received a Pandemonium-san doll from Movic. I always give it a morning kiss. Movic is a company that publishes all sorts of anime goods.
343 Barely making it as I've quickly used up my stock of New Year breaks. Well, I ran out since it's me we're talking about.
345 Went drinking with the successive generation of editors. The highlight was me getting ganged up on so it bummed me out.
346 Thank you for giving me a ton of Valentine chocolates. The staff and I are devouring them.
347 Everyone, please don't get me wrong. I prefer Rinko-chan. This is the first chapter of the Love Choriss arc. Rinko is one of the girls of Love Plus.
348 To all the victims of the disaster, you have my deepest sympathy. Let's do our best to quickly get to the day where smiles return to our faces.
349 I was so touched I'm late about this, but the anime has restarted. If it's all right, please watch with the whole family without feeling awkward.
350 Went to a hot beach trip with a lady friend. Hot springs sure are nice. Lady friend is just a polygon though.
351 Since there was nothing to write for the comments last week, I was going to announce a ban on indecent topics, but I'm glad my heart said no.
352 Sometimes I finish work but when there's no work, there's nothing to do.
353 Just by the smell of poop, I think I can guess which assistant did it.
354 I met up with my sister for the first time in ages, and she looked like a ghost.
356 My memory has been terrible lately, I have two copies of Historie volume 5 and Shigurui volume 6.
357 At the awards ceremony, Akimoto-sensei who gets worried about everybody's health says to me every time "you gained weight again so you're ok". Akimoto is the author of Kochikame.
358 I recommend "Super Squadron Robo Toy History". It is a nostalgic feeling to see the lost Robot Punch return.
359 One of the staff has caught the Never-Draw-a-Mecha-Again Syndrome. These weeks have been rough.
360 I went to the anime party. Seeing how vulgar the staff gets, I reconfirmed that Gintama was in good hands.
362 It was fun to go through the "Catch Phrase Grand Prix 2011" selections that happened recently. Actually, if there's a next time I wonder if I should send one in too.
363 When I'm choosing shorts to fit my stomach size, I end up having to get ordinary trousers.
364 Moriwaki-san the model master made a special Sorachi figure for me. It was just a gorilla. Moriwaki is involved with the Gintama G.E.M. sculptures. This may be the same Sorachi figure included with the Shiroyasha figure.
365 I went drinking with Sket Dance's Shinohara-sensei. Every time we see each other, the bags under our eyes aren't getting any bigger. Both of us will do our best.
366 Congratulations to Kasahashi-kun's publication. Everyone, please read WOLF×RED when you can. Kasahashi is an assistant.
367 The color spread for the calendar was super huge and difficult. Project planning dudes, before you read a calendar, read the mood. Sorachi drew a special color spread for the 2012 comic calendar.
370 Lately, I've felt bad about my stomach's size for skipping out on my walks. And yet, my editor keeps on inviting me for drinks. I wonder what I should do.
371 Thanks for everything up to now, Jellybeans Honda. I'm glad you were able to desperately defend your crew cut before the marriage ceremony.
372 The new editor is a curly gorilla named Mr. Matsuo. We're overlapping but together with Gin-san, us 3 curlies will work hard.
373 The new editor didn't read the dirty words in my storyboard at all. Actually, I didn't read some parts either.
377 Editor fooled around too much while travelling and fractured his foot bone in two places. A shame it wasn't the skull.
379 In the next issue, I'll be getting a fresh new start by working on a new manga. Thank you for your support.

Last chapter of Kintama.

380 Kaien in the anime is way too cool. Bandai, couldn't you make an instant killing with a super-alloy version of this?
381 Finally pulled out the kotatsu. I'll probably be working slower with this, huh...
382 Thank you for a great year this year. Lots of things happened, but I'll be working hard next year too!!
383 Happy New Year. I'm thankful I don't have to think up a comment for the holidays.
384 I thought my back was fluttering when it was really just the toilet paper stuck in my butt when I came out of the bathroom.

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