Justaway is an object that was first introduced at the Viper Factory as an explosive. Since then, it has appeared many times in the anime like an Easter egg. Think of it as the Pandaman (from One Piece) of Gintama on a somewhat smaller scale!

Its name has been romanized in various ways such as Justaway, Jastaway, and Jasterway. "Justaway" is the most common and accepted spelling of this item, but it is in no way a confirmed official spelling.

Justaway, though lifeless, was able to rank #21 in the second character popularity poll.

Justaway Appearances

Due to the volume of anime appearances the Justaway has made in comparison to the manga, the sightings are focused on the anime with the exception to the following:

  • The Yorozuya living room as there's usually one or two Justaways there (they will be often ignored).
  • Episode 32 is where it is introduced, so there's only one picture of it here.
  • Episode 57 which features a giant Justank that can spit out multiple Justaways.
  • Episode 176 where each rank has one or two Justaways.
  • Episode 182 which reuses the Countdown TV parody in Episode 176.
  • The same Justaways but in a different shot/angle or in reused footage.


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