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The second Gintama movie (known as either "Final Gintama: Be Forever Yorozuya" or "Gintama the Final Movie: The Final Chapter - Be Forever Yorozuya") premiered in Japan on July 6, 2013. The movie was a big hit with the fans, advertised as a production the original author Sorachi Hideaki provided storyboards for, and regretfully the last of the Gintama anime until further notice. The purpose of this campaign is to rally the fans and concentrate support in a central area in an attempt to convince Sentai Filmworks to license the second Gintama movie and bring it overseas to English audiences!

Who is Sentai Filmworks?

Sentai Filmworks is the North American licensor and distributor of the Gintama anime. They have currently provided the following Gintama to English audiences:

  • English Subtitled
    • Gintama Collection 1 DVD (episodes 1-13)
    • Gintama Collection 2 DVD (episodes 14-26)
    • Gintama Collection 3 DVD (episodes 27-39)
    • Gintama Collection 4 DVD (episodes 40-49)
  • English Subtitled and English Dubbed
    • Gintama the Movie DVD/BD (Benizakura Arc - A New Translation)

Why are we doing a campaign?

Sentai Filmworks graced North America with the release of the first movie (Benizakura) two years after its original release. The earlier we bring this awareness to light, the better chance they could bring this movie over not long after its release this year on December 18, 2013. Sentai Filmworks have repeatedly said they would bring more Gintama if the sales were good. Licensing, subbing, dubbing, and distribution isn't cheap, after all. Despite the halt of the original anime releases, there wasn't a flat-out "no" yet. There is still a chance, and you can make a difference.

If fans succeed in convincing Sentai Filmworks to bring the Gintama movie over, not only will you be able to own a legit copy of the movie, you can also support Gintama, Sunrise, and author Sorachi himself. As Gintama is still a lesser-known anime/manga in North America, this would be a huge step in creating exposure and increasing the overall fanbase.

Keep up with this page for updates on the mission to breathe life into English Gintama. If you're interested in helping make this a reality, check out what you can do below!

How can I help?

  1. Show your interest to Sentai Filmworks:
  2. Support the official Gintama releases (Note: Yorozuya Soul does not receive commissions for these links):
  3. Talk about the movie! Post in any of these threads in various forums:
  4. Spread the word:
    • Tell your friends about Gintama, whether in person or via social media.
    • Share Gintama with your local anime club.
    • Talk to Sentai, Sunrise, or even Crunchyroll representatives at anime conventions; run a Gintama panel.


Sentai released their April 2014 schedule, but no signs of Gintama.


From Sentai Filmwork's Tumblr:

multimediaotakugal: Any plans for bringing the latest Gintama movie over? You did the last one (I bought it on blu-ray) and it would be awesome if you could do the latest one too. *humbly asks with a slight begging undertone*

Sentai Filmworks: We look into everything, and Gintama is one of those properties that did well for us, so we’re definitely taking a good long look at the new movie. Thanks!

From aritzen at Anime Boston 2013:

Update from the Sentai panel at Anime Boston today:

They're looking at the movie sales and deciding what to do with the rest of the series. They're also taking the 2nd movie "into consideration." Everything is still in the talks.

Related, from the Sunrise panel at Anime Boston:

They really want to bring the 2nd movie to North America, but no firm plans yet. Again, talks are in progress.

Bottom line:

There is hope. Let them know that you're interested and that you'll support the series.

From Just A Gintama Podcast at Anime Boston 2013:

They are aware of the second movie and compilation arcs. All under consideration. Nothing really to tell just yet.

From AnimeNewsNetwork's coverage of Sentai Filmworks' Industry Panel at Otakon 2012:

Audience: Any chance of getting later seasons of Gintama?

Williams: One of the things we did with the movie, and since it was a one-shot we would dub it, we would see how sales were and how adding a dub to the series would affect Gintama sales, and how much interest there might be. That's what we're looking at right now.

Fan Effort

First, thanks to those who retweeted/favorited the original campaign tweet!

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